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Parent Testimonials/Quotes

“I really felt confident leaving my son in the care of the instructors. They were very professional and warm-natured.”

“My son is a lot more confident and is happy to join in a discussion with a small group of other people now.”

“After the program my son wanted to try new foods. He also wanted to run around outside a lot more.”

“Since the program we have noticed a huge difference. He seems to be more confident in himself and fit. He does running, jumping, climbing etc for longer.”

“For our daughter it is all about motivation and I know that your team had her motiviated and happy to participate. Thanks for choosing our daughter for your program.”

“I thought it was extremely beneficial to my son. He was happy to work in a group of other children and really benefitted from the positive experience that the instructors provided. I felt very confident in having my son attend the program.”

“Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into the program. I feel it has made differences in our family.”

“I would be sad to see this programme not get future funding. What a tragedy that would be.”

“My son has increased his general fitness (cardio) incredibly during this programme. he has also increased his awareness of eating habits and is querying things before he eats them.”

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