Beat the Ball

What you need:

  • Soccer ball.
  • Cones.


How to play:

  • Place children into two teams.
  • Team 1 forms a circle (depending on the number of players and capability) and is given the ball.  Team 2 forms a line to the side of the circle.
  • Team 1 throws the ball around the circle in a clockwise direction whilst the first player from team 2 runs around the outside of the circle.
  • Once the first runner from team 2 reaches their team they tag the next runner who sets off around the circle.
  • Team 1 count the number of times they have passed the ball completely around the circle.
  • Once every player in team 2 has run around the circle the game is stopped and team 1 announce how many complete circle passes they made.
  • The teams swap and team 2 become the passers, team 1 become the runners.
  • The winning team is the team that made the most passes.



  • Use different shape balls (rugby ball; tennis ball; basketball).
  • Pass the ball in different ways (kick; roll; bounce).