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Triceps – reach down your back as far as you can with 1 arm; gently push on the top of the elbow to assist the stretch, stand nice and tall.

Calves – tell children to try to push the wall down by planting their feet, knees bent, pushing their hips forward toward the wall.

Hamstrings –lying flat on your back, one leg bent at the knee foot flat to the floor, the other leg raised into the air as straight as possible supported by your hands behind the knee gently pull your raised leg towards your body and hold for count of 15 . Or ask a partner to gently push against the back of the raised leg.

Shoulder and biceps – Clasp hands behind your back and gently raise their arms as high as possible without leaning forward or straining the neck.

Quads – ask children to stand on one leg- like a flamingo catch your foot behind your back in one hand, stand tall both knees side by side. Gently push your hips forward as you resist the foot against the hand.

Important points to remember:

  • Stretching should be done after a warm up at the start of the session and as a cool down at the end of the session
  • Hold all stretches for the slow count of 10 to 30
  • Stretching should NOT hurt
  • Stretching should be controlled – no bouncing
  • Always stretch both sides of the body

For younger children:

  • ‘Star stretch’ – children stretch out like a star either standing or lying down