Frogs and Lily Pads

What you need:

  • A square marked out by 4 cones (the pond) approx. 20m x 20m.
  • Hoops (lily pads).


How to play:

  • Distribute the hoops inside the pond making sure they aren’t too far away (within jumping/stepping distance).
  • Players jump from hoop to hoop and see how many they can land on in a given time (60 seconds).
  • Players cannot jump onto a lily pad that is already occupied.
  • Players may jump into the pond to get to a lily pad but this does not count as a jump.



  • Have more or less lily pads.
  • Players can jog/hop/skip in the pond.
  • Introduce a tagger.
  • Use low boxes as lily pads for children to jump onto.