What you need:

  • Any inside of outside playing area


How to play:

  • Children stand in a circle
  • The leader stands in the middle of the circle
  • The leader begins by pointing at a player in the circle and says ‘splat’. The person the leader has pointed is must duck down as quickly as possible.
  • The two players on either side of the person who has ducked down are now in a race to ‘splat’ each other by pointing and calling out splat.
  • Whoever is ‘splatted’ is eliminated from the game and must sit down in their spot.
  • The child the leader pointed at can then stand back up and is still in play.
  • When there are only two players remaining in the game they stand back to back. The leader calls out words that start with S that sound similar to ‘Splat’ to try and trick the players. On each word the kids take a step ahead. Only when the leader calls out SPLAT can the kids turn around and try and be the first of to splat the other player.