Strive for 5 Relay

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What you need:

  • Cones.
  • Food labels/pictures (food labels from home or printed food labels off the computer).
  • Area/space 10 – 20m length.


How to play:

  • Students are split into relay teams (at least two, maybe more depending on the size of the group).
  • A race track is laid out (roughly 20m).
  • Students sit in their relay teams single file behind the ‘home’ line.
  • The food labels/pictures are placed at the end of the track.
  • Player 1 in each team runs to the pile of food labels/pictures collects a label and returns it to their team whilst giving the next player a high five.
  • Player 2 repeats the process and this continues until all players in the team have collected a food label.
  • Once all players have collected a label the team arranges them into correct food groups.



  • Use different food groups (breakfast/lunch/dinner; sometimes/everyday).