Driving in the Gym

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What you need:

  • No equipment is needed for Driving in the Gym.
  • You may use the whole gym space or mark out a designated area within the gym.


How to play:

  • Participants pretend they are cars driving in an anti-clockwise direction around the play area.
  • The leader yells out a traffic instruction – this can be any of the following:
    • Bumpy road (skipping)
    • Narrow road (skip sideways)
    • School zone (walk slowly)
    • Road works (leap over the pot hole)
    • Flat tyre (hopping)
    • Highway driving (fast running)
    • Out of fuel (sit on the spot)
    • It’s raining – turn on the wipers (star jumps)
    • Emergency (freeze)
    • Bogged (jog on the spot)
  • If a car breaks a traffic instruction or bumps into another car they will be pulled over by the police (the leader) and asked to sit out.
  • The winner is the last car remaining.



  • Allow one of the participants to be the leader calling instructions.
  • Traffic infringements gain a ‘ticket’=braid etc., 3 ‘tickets’ and then you’re out.