What you need:

  • Cones to mark out a designated playing area (20 x 20m approx.)
  • Large space/area for the activity, clear of obstacles etc.



How to play:

  • All of the participants begin at one end of the playing area with 1 selected student (Octopus) standing in the middle.
  • The octopus calls out the name of one of the other students (fish-Nemo) who tries to run past the octopus to the other end.
  • If the octopus tags the fish (Nemo), the fish must stand still and becomes a baby octopus.
  • The octopus now calls another fish who must try to make it to the other side.
  • The baby octopus can also try to tag the fish but cannot move their feet.
  • Every child gets a turn at being the octopus.



  • Instead of calling one fish at a time, the octopus calls for several fish to run.
  • If the group is large use two octopi