Pirate’s Gold

What you need:

  • An item that can be used as the ‘gold’ (a skittle/cone/ball).


How to play:

  • One member of the group is nominated as the pirate and stands in front of the gold.
  • The rest of the group creep toward the gold.
  • Each time the pirate turns around the group must be still.
  • If anybody moves when the pirate turns around they must sit out.  The leader decides if anybody was moving.
  • The winner is the first to steal the pirates gold, or, if nobody makes it to the gold without being seen, the pirate is the winner.
  • Each player in the group gets a turn at being the pirate.



  • Vary the movement toward the gold e.g. hopping/skipping/jumping.
  • Ask players to freeze in different positions/balances.