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Teacher Testimonials

“I am most impressed with the SmartStart Program because it fits in with our health and nutrition program at the school.  We place a great deal of emphasis on the wellbeing of our children, particularly their fitness levels and skill levels and their general health so to have another organisation like SmartStart come in and support and target children who might be at risk in any of the categories such as coordination and fitness levels is a really big support”

“The testing was a very valuable experience and gave our students an insight into the human body”

”The assessors were eager, enthusiastic, and worked with the students very professionally”

“Assessors had a great rapport with the students. All worked professionally and gave good feedback to the teachers”

“Professionally run, well organised”

“Both teacher and student gained from the experience. The assessors were professional and offered valuable feedback.”

“Students enjoyed the activities and were challenged. Lots of smiling faces.”

“The follow up PD offered opportunities for staff to focus on where the gaps were and enable them to begin addressing these issues”

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